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Christian Ethos

St Peter's Church adjoining our schoolWhat makes our Christian school distinctive?


It is to do with its ethos, atmosphere and the way everyone is valued, so as a Church of England school we endeavour to be a place:


  • Where the entire atmosphere is pervaded by the conviction that there is something mysterious and potentially wonderful in everybody.
  • That is open, and everyone is free to question, discover and grow spiritually.
  • Where every child and adult in the school is valued.
  • Where children are given loving attention and time to grow.
  • Where everyone is open to the idea that they may be mistaken.
  • Where children have the opportunity to learn about and discover what it might mean to love God and love your neighbour as yourself - the two key tenets of the Christian faith.

SIAMS Inspection

At our Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools (SIAMS) inspection in October 2016 the inspector commented on the effect of the distinctive Christian character of the school:

“Pupils feel nurtured and encouraged and this helps them to make good, and often outstanding, progress, and to reach or exceed the levels expected of them for their age. Pupils say that everyone is included and valued  whether or not they have a Christian faith.”

“They show very good attitudes to learning and great respect for one another because they understand how to live out the Christian values of love, compassion and forgiveness.”



SIAMS Inspection Report 2016