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English at Woolhampton

At Woolhampton we aim to provide children with an exciting and ambitious curriculum that encourages them to be passionate about reading and writing.  We are dedicated to enabling all children fulfill their potential in becoming highly competent readers and purposeful writers by the time they move onto secondary school.  It is our intention to give children the opportunity to discover, explore and enjoy a wide range of quality texts that will inspire their love of reading and fuel their creative imaginations.  Through high quality teaching, we intend to expose children to a language rich environment where they learn to communicate effectively and confidentially through their speaking and writing.    

The Big Read Morning

On 12th November we welcomed parents into school to share in their child's daily reading lesson.  Parents joined in and saw how we use 'Reading VIPERS' to teach children the strategies they need to become confident readers.  VIPERS can be used at home by parents to help support their child - please download the 'Bookmark Guides' to learn more.  

VIPERS - how to support your child at home with their reading

Recommended Reading Books

Below are some lists of recommended reading lists for each year group.  There are also a number of good websites that provide recommended books for you to explore.  These include: and Love Reading 4 Kids enables you to download the first chapter of many popular books.  If you wish to practise some online 'reading comprehension' with your child at home, then the ReadTheory website is very good for those in KS2.