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Pupil Premium

Please read the information below which gives details of our Pupil Premium Grant and how we allocate the funding.


Our Vision

Woolhampton CE Primary School is an inclusive school where the learning needs of all children are met through a high standard of teaching and care. Where children are disadvantaged we offer additional interventions, both academic and pastoral, to groups or individuals to overcome any barriers to learning they may be experiencing. One source of support is Pupil Premium Funding.


What is Pupil Premium Funding?

Each year a specific amount of money is given to schools to support the education of children who are experiencing disadvantages. Children eligible for the Pupil Premium Funding include children who:


  • receive or have received free school meals
  • are in the care of the local authority – also referred to as looked after children
  • have left care due to being adopted
  • are a member of a services family


How is our Pupil Premium Funding used?

Pupil Premium Funding allows the school to offer additional support to children from disadvantaged groups, ensuring that they make progress against their own individual targets in order to meet or exceed the national average expectations in reading, writing and mathematics, and perform as well or better than their colleagues in our school.


The progress of these children is tracked carefully allowing staff to identify timely and effective support. As the barriers to learning will differ from pupil to pupil we offer a number of approaches, including:


  • Qualified teacher support (1:1 or small groups)
  • Additional support from a Learning Support Assistant
  • Funding for out of school clubs to provide wider opportunities
  • Social skills groups to support behaviour and social development
  • Specialist materials to support learning (e.g. reading books or mathematical equipment)
  • Use of ICT to reduce barriers to learning
  • Parent workshops to assist with supporting learning at home
  • Subsidising costs including school trips, uniform or transport costs


Pupil Premium Strategy

Each year staff create a plan describing how Pupil Premium Funding is to be allocated and the support that will be offered to reduce the barriers encountered.


How is the impact of Pupil Premium Funding tracked?

At Woolhampton we have a regular cycle of data collection which allows staff to analyse the attainment of each cohort, enabling us to quickly identify individual needs and the appropriate interventions. As part of this process, the progress of children receiving Pupil Premium Funding will be carefully tracked, ensuring that interventions and activities offered are effective.

Pupil Premium Statement 2023-26




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