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Vision & Christian Distinctiveness

What makes our Christian school distinctive?

Built on a solid rock of faith and knowledge, we work as a community to create an environment which enables all to flourish.  Motivated by our Christian values, we strive for the best outcome for everyone at school, whilst respecting our differences, learning from our mistakes and celebrating our success.


St. Peter was a close friend and follower of Jesus. Originally a fisherman, Peter’s name means “rock” and Jesus told Peter that he would be the rock upon which the church would be built. Peter demonstrated trust in Jesus, even stepping out of a boat and onto water. But Peter also made mistakes.  He sometimes misunderstood Jesus. Yet, after Jesus’ resurrection, Peter was restored and appointed a leader in the early church

(taken from Matthew 16:18)


Standing in the shadow of St Peter’s Church, we have been inspired by the story of its Patron Saint.  It is our belief that Woolhampton CE Primary School will be ‘the rock’, a safe and secure place that will ‘enable all to flourish’, much like St. Peter was the rock on which the church community was built.


Our school has a distinctly welcoming and friendly Christian culture with high aspirations for every child characterised by our close links with parents and the local community.  We are proud of our enthusiastic and dedicated staff team that is outward-facing, forward-thinking, open to change and, above all, passionate about learning.


We aspire to meet the academic, physical and spiritual needs of all learners through a curriculum that inspires children to be naturally curious about God’s creation.  We offer a diverse range of opportunities in a stimulating learning environment where the physical surroundings are as inspirational and creative as the curriculum itself.


Our school is a place where all can flourish, regardless of background or ability because, like St. Peter, everyone should be given opportunities and we will empower children to take responsibility within their communities and become courageous advocates for change.


By the time a child leaves Woolhampton CE Primary School they will have had the opportunity to become a valued member of a Christian family where they are loved and cared for.  Everyone will have experienced a rich, varied and exciting curriculum, gaining the knowledge and skills to be resilient and thrive.


We will celebrate success and everyone will know what it feels like to achieve and be the best they can be.

SIAMS Inspection

During our Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools (SIAMS) inspection in October 2016 the inspector commented on the effect of the distinctive Christian character of the school:


“Pupils feel nurtured and encouraged and this helps them to make good, and often outstanding, progress, and to reach or exceed the levels expected of them for their age. Pupils say that everyone is included and valued  whether or not they have a Christian faith.”

“They show very good attitudes to learning and great respect for one another because they understand how to live out the Christian values of love, compassion and forgiveness."


SIAMS Report 2016