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Who's Who

Headteacher - Mrs Kath Burns


Senior Lead - Mrs Rebecca Cox


Foundation/Year 1 Class Teachers - Mrs Rose Auld & Mrs Smith


Foundation/Year 1 Class Teaching Assistants - Mrs Kate Javes and Miss Beth


Year 2/3 Class Teachers - Mrs Helena Painter


Year 2/3 Class Teaching Assistant - Mrs Hannah Phipps


Year 4/5 Class Teachers - Mrs Sharon Lester & Mrs Burns


Year 4/5 Class Teaching Assistants - Mrs Dil Collins


Year 6 Class Teachers - Mrs Rebecca Cox & Mrs Kath Burns


Intervention / SEND Teaching Assistants - Mr Danny Cox and Miss Natasha Smith


SENCO - Mrs Rebecca Cox


Sports Lead - Mrs Kate Javes


Emotional Literacy Support Assistant (ELSA) - Mrs Hannah Phipps


School Business Manager - Mrs Julie Lowther


Administration Officer - Mrs Vicky Curtis


Mini Bus Driver - Mr Michael Thomas


School Cook - Ms Jemma Peck


Lunchtime Supervisors - Mrs Kate Javes, Miss Beth, Mr Danny Cox


Queen of Woolhampton CE Primary School - Mrs Lorraine Weight M.B.E